Your Royal Highness

If you are like me and didn’t grow up in a country that had actual royalty, then you are probably a little confused, like I was about the different uses of styles like HRH (His Royal Highness), or HH (His Highness), and HSR (His Serene Highness).

Basically it’s a way to set apart the different levels of royals.

A royal highness is basically a title given to children of the monarch and the children of the crown prince. Other children or grandchildren would get the title of simply Highness instead of Royal Highness.

For example, Queen Elizabeth of England is Her Royal Highness. Actually she holds the title of Majesty which is above Royal Highness.

Her son, Prince Charles is His Royal Highness.

When he married Princess Diana, who at the time was Diana Spencer, she became Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales. But when she and Prince Charles divorced she lost the style of Her Royal Highness and instead just became, Diana, Princess of Wales.

The same with the Duchess of York. When she divorced she became Sarah, Duchess of York.

Here are some of the common titles used in different counties over the years. But you’ll notice no matter what the title actually is, they all serve the same purpose, to distinguish members of the royal family from us, mere common folk.

  • HIM – His Imperial Majesty
  • HRM – His Royal Majesty
  • HRH – His Royal Highness
  • HEH – His Exalted Highness
  • HH – His Highness
  • HSH – His Serene Highness

His Serene Highness is just like His Royal Highness, but is only used by the royal family of Liechtenstein and Monaco. It was used years ago by some members of the old German royalty.